McQueen Emporium celebrates the beauty, tenacity and strength of Powerful Women across the country. Our goal is to inspire women everywhere to be the "Queen" they are in all walks of life. Each human being on this earth came from a Woman, that alone speaks volumes of the power within. Our blog & online shopping experience has been established with modern day Queens in mind.

Behind the Name:
The name, "McQueen" is a surname, a byname meaning 'pleasant'. Pleasant is defined as having qualities that tend to give pleasure. Every woman possesses such qualities. The prefix, "Mc" in McQueen means 'son of'. In ancient times, population was much smaller than today and the mass movement of people was uncommon, adding a prefix gave people a common identity with the people of their tribe and with the commonly shared areas.

Through the empowerment of Women, McQueen Emporium seeks to show the world, that though we may all be different, we all share one common trait as human beings, we all came from a woman, we are all descendants of queens who ruled in their own name or who wielded power and influence as queen consorts. It's time for Women to embrace that!

McQueen : "We are all Sons of a Queen".

queen (/kwēn/):
noun. the most powerful chess piece that each player has, able to move any number of unobstructed squares in any direction along a rank, file, or diagonal on which it stands.

emporium (\im-ˈpȯr-ē-ə, em-\) 1a : a place of trade; especially : a commercial center b : a retail outlet 2: a store carrying many different kinds of merchandise


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