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Search me, O God, and know my heart; ...See if there is any offensive way in me...

Psalm 139:23-24 NIV Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

August 20, 2009

By Doug Addison

On August 18, 2009 I had a dream which was more of a “night vision” in which God showed me three demonic attacks and how these specific demons are able to work covertly in the life of Christians. I was shown three different types of demons and I was able to observe how they operated. These are three attacks coming against people right now.

How demons work The insight I received in the dream was that demons were actually created by God and were once in Heaven until they rebelled and were cast to earth along with Satan. What we may not realize is that since they were originally angels in Heaven, they operate similarly to angels and God’s principle. Since they have been cut off from the life source of God, they attempt to gain power back through the connection with God through His people. Since it is not easy for a demon to inhabit a Christian, they have found ways to cling to them and try their best to remain unnoticed. Then when God’s power or anointing comes upon the person, the demon “cling-ons” begin to get empowered in an evil way through the anointing of God. Remember, this anointing was once their life flow and now they love to tap it off and distort it for evil.

Three demonic attacks

The Fly – This demon is so small and seemingly insignificant that most people are not even aware that it is present. Flies are drawn to garbage, so they are attracted to Christians who have sin that is not repented and is not under the Blood of Christ. This sin does not usually appear to be big or may not seem all that bad in the eyes of the Christian, and they may not even realize that they have it. It is things like gossip, unforgiveness, pride, unbelief, self-promotion, to name a few. The Fly demons are persistent and attach themselves to the sin of the Christian and wait.  Then as a Christian gets anointed with God’s power in any way, the Fly demon begins to slowly tap off small amounts of the anointing to empower the sin even more. If they remain unnoticed long enough, they can cause the sin to become much more serious and will spread to other areas of the person’s life.


The Crab – This demon tries to get people in a pinch or into stressful situations. I saw it hanging around a person’s feet and trying to get them tripped up into feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. Once the stress increases, the person loses their peace and is less likely to demonstrate the Fruit of the Spirit in their life. The minor irritations this demon causes will eventually develop into anger and even rage. Like the Fly, the Crab demon will light up with false power when the Christian gets anointed. If this demon is not dealt with, the person will experience stressful feelings all the time for no apparent reason. They will also begin to get angry but excuse their anger on just being frustrated. The result is that their anger remains unrepented and can eventually blind the person to their own condition.