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#TierraWhack on #WomenWorkingTogether "

"...I'm willing to dim my light so somebody else can shine.."

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Whack was born in 1995 and raised by her mother in Philadelphia. She has two younger siblings. In a 2018 interview with The Fader, Whack mentions that she and her father are estranged.[1]

Whack attended The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush for three years before finishing high school in Atlanta, Georgia.[1] At Benjamin Rush, she was a vocal major and fine arts minor, and was one of few black students in a predominantly white graduating class.[1] With some difficulty, she and her friends persuaded their principal to let them perform the finale number from Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit for the school talent show,[1] and Whack performed a rap verse. Later in Whack's career, she toured with Lauryn Hill, who starred in the 1993 film.

At age fifteen, Whack appeared in a 2011 freestyle video produced by Philadelphia's underground music collective We Run the Streets.[5] She released several tracks as Dizzle Dizz, including "Dizzy Rascvls," but struggled with depression in the months following.[1] Her mother elected to move them both out of Philadelphia, so Whack could finish school.[1]

Musical career

By 2015, Whack had moved back to Philadelphia, where she reconnected with Kenete Simms, a sound engineer and music producer whom she had known as a teenager.[1] Whack credits Simms as her collaborator.[1] Sometime in 2017 (Whack hasn't divulged details to the press), she signed with Interscope Records.[1]

In October 2017, Whack released Mumbo Jumbo, a hip-hop single and accompanying music video which featured the young rapper performing while wearing a mouth prop.[1] Most of the lyrics to the track are purposefully unintelligible.[1] She also toured with Flying Lotus in 2017.[1]

2018–present: Debut album

Whack's debut album, Whack World, received a "Best New Music" accolade from Pitchfork. Critics praised the unusual format of the album — 15 tracks, each exactly 1 minute long. Whack released each short track on Instagram, each accompanied by a short film directed by Thibaut Duverneix and Mathieu Léger.[3] The multimedia project received widespread critical acclaim. Robert Christgau gave the album an A-minus and reported in Vice that his wife, fellow critic Carola Dibbell, loved the video, saying "it gave me reason for living".[6] The track "Mumbo Jumbo" received a nomination for Best Music Video for the 2019 Grammy Awards. [4] In October 2018, Whack travelled to Tokyo, Japan for a long-term artistic sabbatical.[1] She has recorded as-yet-unreleased music with Meek Mill and Childish Gambino.[1]

In 2018, she toured with 6lack on his world tour, From East Atlanta with Love.

Personal life

Whack has written poetry since she was a child.[7] She is also an accomplished spoken word performer.[5]

She currently lives in Philadelphia with her mother and two siblings.[1] She owns a cat, whom she named Starkey after a Whole Foods brand of sparkling water.[1] She does not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes.[1] She is severely allergic to insects, a condition she satirizes in the music video for her 2018 track, "Bugs Life".[7]




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